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Smart Camera Leads the Development of Internet of Things Security Development


Smart Camera Leads the Development of Internet of Things Security Development The development of Internet of Things security can not be separated from the intelligence, and the intelligent front-end is the driving force to drive the development of Internet of Things security.

When you are learning about plane geometry, when you are excited about solving problems one after another, analytic geometry will disregard the puzzles you have solved. That's because plane geometry is just the basic principle that puts forward the relationship between concepts and numbers. Analytic geometry has digitized points, lines, and surfaces. All relationships in space (points, lines, and surfaces) are under its control!

When you are learning kinematics and excited about the difficulties of the relationship between displacement, velocity and acceleration, the calculus will tell you that the reason for the change in displacement is velocity (differentiation of velocity vs. time is velocity), and the reason for the change in velocity is Acceleration (differentiation of speed vs. time is acceleration). Calculus has made it clear that everything is changing, and things are once and then again, and everything is in their control! When integrating the security system, one overall solution (alarm, monitoring (analog system, IP digital matrix system, analog HD system, digital HD system), access control, patrol, intercom , broadcasting, fire fighting, splicing screens and other system coordination and linkage work) When excited, the smart camera will tell you that I am a robot, and all systems in security (information concerned in security) will be in my brain (computer) React, and turn into incidents, pass to other robots, to other systems, and the resulting chain reaction is as violent as an atomic bomb explosion! The time event function can trigger the linkage event to allow the RELAY (dry contact on the relay) to lock the thieves. You can trigger an out-of-bounds alarm event to make the license plate of the red line more visible. You can use intelligent behavior analysis software to help the beaten ones. Find suspicious people in the vast sea with image contrast.

Why are so many smart cameras? That's because smart cameras network, digitize, informatize, and intelligentize everything in security.

Smart camera turns on digital security gate Smart camera digitizes the image, digitizes a picture into 3.2 million pixels, digitizes the color (red, green, blue) and brightness of each pixel, and composes the color of each point. After the number of factors (red, green, and blue) is quantified, the color (dark balance) is judged, and the brightness of each point is quantified to determine the contrast; after quantifying the colors of a group of points, the white balance is formed; The brightness of the point is digitized to construct the brightness.

Since the colors (red, green, and blue) of the image points can be quantified, the color and change of a point can be judged, and the change of the red, green, and yellow lights at the road junction can be judged, and the cross boundary line at the intersection can be determined. The different pictures of the capture of the different factors during the red light, the green light, and the green light are stored in different files and processed differently; the color of the vehicle (several standard colors) can also be determined. Since the brightness of the image points can be quantified, the brightness and the change of one point can be judged, and the font (a few standard words, 26 English letters, and 10 Arabic numerals) on the license plate can be determined to identify the license plate number. .

The smart camera can digitize the voice and digitize a piece of the track, comparing it with some digitized voices to be judged, searching for the key words, and hearing which person is shouting “Help” to make a judgment of the situation.

Smart cameras can digitize temperatures and can express temperatures using a number of digits.

A smart camera can digitize the humidity, and it can also use a number to express the humidity.

In the past, analog cameras used by us output analog signals, 1Vp-p values, which are continuously changed and can be decomposed by Fourier transform, but they are continuous and cannot be divided. The network camera used today can only be called a network camera. It cannot be called a digital camera. Instead, it converts the analog camera signal into a network signal output, and has not yet processed the image of a picture. , Can not do post-processing, even if it can handle, it is only a whole picture of the color, brightness, contrast processing, it is only to solve the image with network transmission.

Analog cameras and network cameras have turned images into photographs, not to mention the ability to rearrange them. Smart cameras quantify every point of the entire image and network the number of points. A smart camera is a network digital camera. A smart camera can digitize each camera when it generates an image. This is because when the image is generated, it has digital tools to participate in the digitalization of the image. This is because the computer splits the image. Generate digital quantities. When the smart camera generates numbers for the points on the image, each point has been ordered and informatized so that the image can be divided (cut off some of the unused pixels) during and after generation. , Doing specific search (face recognition, etc.), doing crowd gathering, behavior analysis of fights, doing flow statistics, all because the minimum units of the pictures of the camera are all numbered, ordered, decomposable, differentiable, etc. The reason is that each point of the camera's output screen is an elf, has a soul, has thoughts, and has agreements. It can become an eye to capture useful information.

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